THIS IS and was

This website was made at the end of 2012 with love and care.

For over an year, the website remained static and has not been renewed.
The reason is that the webmistress was unable to post new material due to... the current times we live in. This may seem an abstract justification, to the curious, but unfortunately it is true. Those people who genuinely are into-the-art-world, may understand what this might mean and imply.

I must add that, it is quite impossible to awaken creativity, in every sense, when today's crisis, has a really strong influence upon our decision-making and action-taking in life - in order for us, to survive, at least psychically.
The destructive impact in the aftermath of the financial-crisis, has most of all, contributed in the destruction of every creative drive, one might have. It is thus difficult to keep working on something so ambitious and pure, while in the tangibile world, everything is continuously tossed into the urgency and the brutality of what happens day-to-day around the world, and at some point reaches us.

Art and philosophy have only been fully functional to their aims, in a period of economic might and success. Unfortunately, now is just not the right time to admire art and philosophy, in their idealistic perspectives. Before having any hopes, we just need to see how really the structure of reality has been erected today. May be one day we will really deserve to have a hope, till then, we need to see under the surface and trace the effects, of what we suffer on a daily basis.

What has been decided here, at this point, is nonetheless paradoxical to what has just been stated above.
This website has been originally built to contain information about an artist, who was the first, in my case, to provide me with a nice pair of magnifying glasses, in order to be able to see what is going on.

On the other hand, this project was destined to die, in the case of lack of general information, to point at Donwood's art. For this reason, some things need to be changed, here.

There won't be published a lot of information about the artist, as was before.

You won't be able to find any  personal details about his art practice or life, because there already are many websites and social networks to do this job. This is not the place to mind someone's business, other than what really matters for the imposed-above aim.

 There will be more critical and general material to investigate the current period of time, with its peculiarities and features.

We will be looking on some cultural and social phenomena, as well as, on some critical thoughts.

There will hardly be any advises or any suggestions on how to live, or what to do on a social plan.

There will be some material which might help us see. If we can see, we might consequently achieve an idea of how to act and what to do.
For this reason, a Forum has been also added to the website.

Every material published here, will be related to a topic which is not implicitly related to Donwood's art, but will complete it, on a second sight.

Generally speaking, we will be general, but not excessively.

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