Chronological Order of Exhibitions till now:

2006- London Views- Greek Street; Soho; London
 - Dead Children Playing- Barcelona; Spain
-Department Of Reclusive Paranoia- Rotterdam; Holland
 -If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now-Lazarides Gallery; Soho; London

-I Love The Modern World-Tokyo; Ginza; Japan
   -Everybody's Happy Nowdays-Amsterdam; Holland

-Printed Papers- Ink_d Gallery; Brighton; UK
 -El Chupacara- Weapon of choice gallery; Bristol; UK

-Red Maze-Herleen; Holland
 -Over Normal-San Francisco; USA
  -Palimpsest-Mondo Bizzarro's Gallery; Rome; Italy

-Work On Paper: The Outsiders-Soho; London; UK
 -The Minotaur-Waterloo Station, London; UK

-LosT Angeles-Subliminal Projects Gallery; L.A.; USA
-Occupational Hazard-Ink_d Gallery; Brighton;UK

                                2006 - London Views:

This Exhibition contained Linocuts of an imaginary Apocalypse over London city. In a Medieval vision, the English capital city was carved on 14 pieces of linoleum. The original blocks made up a picture that was 12 feet long.


                                2006-  Dead Children Playing:

This Exhibition was made in collaboration with the enigmatic Dr. Tchock in Barcelona, Spain. There were presented works of some of the most popular Radiohead artworks, and the show was also accompanied by a book Dead Children Playing.
I guess still available on for purchases.

                               2007-  Department of Reclusive Paranoia:

This Exhibition was centred around the theme of peace, war and of course- petrol. Present were screenprints and giclèe prints. Some of the were arranged like weird and uncanny street signals of warnings and direction. Social dilemma, paranoia and fear were the other additional themes of the exhibition.

                                2007-If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now:

This Exhibition takes inspiration for its realisation from advertisements along the periferic sides of towns about the new construction of blocks, houses and malls. The theme reflects once again on human dependence on oil and petrol and also on the deforestation and on the occupying free nature space for new constructions we don't even need.

                                2008- I Love The Modern World:

This Exhibition spins around the theme of Modernity, Usefulness and Addiction. It is a sort of Uroborus- a snake that bites its own tale. A vicious circle that we can't escape from as we always return to the beginning point. It is about us, who love the modern age in a strange way, we love it even though  to survive in it we need inhalers. Yes, that's right, there were a lot of inhalers represented in an iconic way, almost as a God to be admired or on which we depend. Everything was arranged in a pop-art style, the artist states his inspiration from Rauschenberg's pop art. 

                                2008-  Everybody's Happy Nowdays:

This Exhibitions contained some pop canvases of the previous exhibition, as well as some paintings that made up the visual Radiohead history. There were also some angry bear toys (pencil on paper) came out from the old forgotten attic, ready to bite and eat the same children that once played with them; and now have become tormented and paranoic adults.

                                  2009-   Printed Papers:

This Exhibition presented Voyeurism, a sense of modern malaise and the notion of Big Brother, which were the themes on display here. The show included also some of the goat bankers and also works from OK Computer and the Hail To The Thief World Maps.

                                    2009-  El Chupacabra:

This Exhibition was about the creepiest thing that exists nowdays: Goat Bankers and Politicians as angry and feral and carnivore as they actually could be. The goats have ties and suits. It's been attempted by the artist to drawn them  down pouring over them a load of painting, but....they still resist even though in a crisis era.

                                   2010-  Red Maze:

This Exhibition was looted in its final day. Yes, looted! By the spectators. Obviously, they were allowed to do it by the artist. The red maze, was yes, a red maze long about 200 feet and it was made like a labyrinth. In this show the goats were present and they also had their own room and you could even look them through the glass door, but without entering in i,t because they were locked in (they didn't seem bothered by this fact). There were loads of posters and wallpapers on the wall. And there were also cupboards with Radiohead artworks and special packages  locked in. Signals were to disorient people. Never trust advertisements!

                                   2010- Over Normal:

This Exhibition, as the artist stated, was based on his spam e mails in his Inbox. Words depicted through only seven colours (the one the advertisers always use to wash up your mind). There were also a so called Normalizer in a room, that repeated endlessly some words, and had a hypnotising effect over listeners.
The graphics were HailToTheTiefian!

                                    2010- Palimpsest:

This Exhibitions presented some of the most important canvases of Radiohead's artworks. Mostly silkscreens.
The graphics of the prime wallpaper reassembled The Eraser's King Canute.
(remember what the artist said about King Canute once in one of his taglibros: Canute is the representation of governor's failure over the centuries.) 

                                     2011-  Work On Paper:

This Exhibition signs the beginning of the so loved and represented trees and woods. Here we could see some prints of woods in black and white. Twisted, bad and beautiful woods of fantasies and bed time stories.

                                       2011- The Minotaur:

This Exhibition was settled in Waterloo Station in London. It was similar to the Red Maze project, but was darker and gave the spectator a sense of great claustrophobia and anxiety. Theme was the fear, the unknown, and obviously the fear from the unknown. Inspiration for the work were Piranesi's Imaginary prisons.

                                    2012- LosT Angeles:

This Exhibition showed the city of L.A. in the same conditions in which was shown the English capital, in 2006, by the artist in his first for the year exhibition. L.A. was flooded and attacked by golden meteorites.
As London Views, LosT Angeles was doomed in this quasi medieval style and a jigsaw puzzle was also made in case of the show challenging those who wanted to take action of this apocalyptic spectacle.


                                     2012-  Occupational Hazard:

This Exhibition is running now @ Ink_d Gallery in Brighton. For all we know, til now, there will be or there is, or there was (for we don't have any much info) a Terrodrome wallpaper or poster in edition of 188 copies and for the first 100 enterers in the gallery there were even given as present.
There is then the Goat Goodwin, a very well dressed but terrifying goat, mostly for the teeth that's showing.
There are some Twisted Woods prints and there are new born series of giclèe prints:
Love Story
Amnesiac Thames
Scuffed Ink
and other


The artist suggested on his official blog ( that there is going to be a show, next September in London- new works in

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