Saturday, 27 October 2012

Stanley Donwood inspires other artists (part 2)

Stanley Donwood 2003 for Hail To The Thief artwork

where in the world city map 2009

wordle 2011
recent work
fleet street apocalypse 2006
The biggest artists have always been taken as an example for the ones who want to grow and learn more. 
And once again I find out so many artists who get their inspirations for their works by Stanley Donwood. 
In all these years we've always seen people who's been influenced by Mr. Donwood's works and so many ways to convey and share the love for his art and what it's meant to be. From some ordinary people with a bear or a crying minotaur tattoed on their skin or printed on a t shirt... illustrations and interpretations which are based on some of his works developed in a different manner, to an autonomy and a single work that takes all its basis from a concrete work by Stanley Donwood. I've reported upwards what I've found out. 


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