Saturday, 13 October 2012

O2 Arena news:

Welcome to the O2 Arena.

This print is called 'Terrordome' and it's a 4-colour screen print in an edition of 188, priced at £100.
Printed on 270gsm acid-free archival paper sized 485mm x 640mm, here the Dome is shown overgrown with trees, the chromotographic blend of multi-coloured ink referencing the toxic sludge that had to be cleared from the site before construction could begin.
It is on sale at the venue itself, (which must be referred to as the O2 Arena) and also from here.

- 9th October 2012

The Tunnels.

Keen observers with powerful memories may remember that this time last year I was in a tunnel underneath Waterloo station in London, building a maze. Ah, happy days. Well, I couldn't do anything down there this year because of 'other commitments', but that doesn't mean that nothing's going on down there in the catacombs. In fact... Bedlam is the final part in a trilogy of mind-blowing immersive art experiences at the Old Vic Tunnels.
In the heart of London underneath Waterloo station, Bedlam presents major installations and special one-off projects by a crack team of artists assembled from the four corners of the Earth inspired by the Victorian mental institution of the same name. Not only a hospital, the original Bedlam was also a macabre curiosity where the chattering classes would pay to visit and gawp at the disturbed inmates.
Contributing artists include Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington, Dan Witz, Kelsey Brookes, Lucy McLauchlan, Ian Francis, Doug Foster and 3D.
Bedlam is open to the public from Tuesday October 9th until Sunday October 21st, 1pm - 9pm daily.
And entrance is free. Visit for more information...

- 8th October 2012 

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