Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Entries

An Event in Bristol, England, now with a poster.

Today I have mostly been making this poster. I nearly fitted everything on, except the words 'Seating may be provided for the elderly, the infirm and the inebriated'. If you find yourself with absolutely nothing else to do and a spare fiver, do come along. There should be some art on the walls too.
And if you like, click on the poster above to download a zipped pdf of a printable A4 version...
Below is a photo of the venue. It will look different in the dark.

- 23rd September 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

some almost holloways...

New Event for Stanley Donwood

An Event in Bristol, England.

As, ostensibly, part of 'Bristol Festival of Literature', the esteemed Mister Ric Jerrom will once again be reading from the selected works of Stanley Donwood, ie., me.

The event is on Thursday October 18th at 7.30pm, at The People's Republic of Stokes Croft Gallery, 35 Jamaica Street, Bristol, BS2 8JP.
Mr Jerrom
 will be joined by gramophone 'Disc Jockey' The Wind Up Merchant, and I'm told by my publisher (Mr Jones) that I should really come along as well if I ever want to see any royalties fromHousehold Worms.
There's a bar selling local beer and cider, thank god.
Tickets are £5 from

PS. The place where this is happening has got a blog here. Have a look...

(The photo above is by Justin Staple, from

- 18th September 2012 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

With Donwood: The Directors Cut; entire documentary see Stanley during his art process

Stanley Donwood and Dr. Tchock Exhibiton in Barcelona

At the time of making the film Stanley had only been "seen" when collecting his GRAMMY in 2003.. I wanted to keep him anonymous.. that's why we only hear him speak with a pitch-shifted voice towards the end of the movie.This video was made made exactly how stan wanted. he would not talk to camera back then. Before you slag this film which is only a crazy visual peek into stan's first show abroad you should put it into's not meant to be a documentary or a TV's a little piece of moving image from a friend who travelled to Barcelona and helped out with getting the show together..Only a few months later I was indeed filming interviews with stan but that's wasn't our mission here.
(rahbird on the making of the movie)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

a place to think

Climbing a tree was a way to get perspective, however slight; to look down on a city that I usually looked across. Above all, it was a way of defraying the city's clams on me.
(from The Universal Sigh: Tree Climbing by R. Macfarlane)

Friday, 7 September 2012

New one, for atoms for peace Default song

this is the final image it cames out on the screen when you listen to atoms for peace new song- Default out from 6 September.
If you're watching the original video, at the end of the song appears the following image,
it probably takes part of the last LosT Angeles new series.
The beautiful two-coloured Op-art image in the video, builds up like a jigsaw puzzle thanks to polaroid seeming images pasted on the screen in front of you while listening and watching.
If you haven't yet- take a look and listen to the song.
You'll find it just by a simple click on the link:

Something has happened.

Someone has been painting the offices of XL Recordings in Los Angeles. It looks quite good, no? 

- 6th September 2012