Sunday, 13 May 2012

Subliminal Projects- Stanley


The exhibition Lost Angeles is now up at Subliminal Projects, Shepard Fairey's space on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. The show includes all of the new work created for this event as well as many now very rare prints from the London Views series. The opening nights (there were two; one secret, one not) were extremely well attended, so many thanks to everyone who came along.
I now have in my possession many photographs of the installed show, taken by Alan Shaffer, some of which are shown below.

Here is the custom-built curved wall, with the eighteen-foot-long kozo print of the entire work, suspended and affixed to the wall by the power of magnetism. The print is unframed; visitors may see the mulberry bark fibres in the paper and marvel at the hand-burnishing skills of Mr Grimmer (see earlier entries in this blog).

Here's the first room, with Tremendous Meteorite and the first nine individual linocut prints, and below are the second nine.

Below are three of the screenprints; Hollywood Dooom, Anaheim Anguish and Citybank Escapee. Through the entranceway is Apocalypse 101.

Above are four of the screenprints I did for London Views, now very rare. In fact, there was another one, called Gherkin, which is so rare even I don't have one; hence its omission from this exhibition.

And here is the giant black Diamond Heist Bear, created uaing black gloss perspex and black diamond dust. Almost impossible to photograph, this image leers over the exhibition like some sort of malevolent goblin.
A full list, with images and prices of works is available at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS. Click through.

- 6th May 2012

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